How to reset customers accounts password


[A] Link: Check your country link here

- Click "Reset" next to Forget password?

[B] Enter your registered email address

- Click Send me my password

[C] You will receive a RESET PASSWORD email through the registered email address. Email subject is "New Password for ReadySpace Cloud Console". Please check SPAM folder if you did not see it coming through into your Inbox. 

- Click Get new password in the email (you will be directed to the login page)
- Create a new password with min. 8 characters long with at least 1 uppercase, symbol and number 
- Click Change password 

[D] You may now login with your new credentials. 

- If you have problem logging in, please clear our browser cache and try again. Alternatively, use Incognito Windows


TIP: You may consider setup 2-Factor Authentication to access your portal for future login.

Go to EDIT DETAILS (vertical menu on your left) > EDIT DETAILS (on main page tab) > tick "Enable" under Two-Factor Authentication and SAVE CHANGES

You may use Google Authenticator App (available under Andriod and Apple Store) to generate code for each login. 

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