Why do we not allow whitelist the domain in Outgoing email delivery

Hi All,

Kindly note that any mail originating from a customer account can't be whitelisted and it should go through proper spam filters. The customers won't be able to whitelist any of the destination recipient domain in outgoing mail delivery to keeping our IP reputation in a good status and to prevent the IPs getting blacklisted in Reputed organizations.

If we allow any of the customer to whitelist the destination domain, and they do such practices like Bulk Mailing, Advertising using Scripts or Spaming it might affect our IP reputations.  Beacuse each and every outgoing emails will rely through our Professional Spam filter and the deliverying IPs will be Spam filter IP addresses. The Blacklising reputed organizations will monitor each of the mail delivery and they will blacklist the IP address if they monitor any of the pratices such as Spaming, bulik mailing etc. So this will lead our Spam filer IP address blacklisted.

So in order to prevent such issues, we do not allow customers to white list the domanis on Outgoing mail delivery. Allowing recpients domains in the outgoing delivery will cause our every customers and it will make touble in future for email deliverying.

Kindly cooperate and thank you for being with us :)

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