How to configure Caldav/Carddav on Android?

NOTE 1: before setting up email account this way, make sure you already have required DNS records and mailbox created.

NOTE 2: take into account that synchronizing with mobile devices is available only for Business and Business Office packages only.

CalDAV configuration

Below are the guidelines covering CalDAV account setup in the application called SolCalendar, which is very easy to use.

1. Once launched, expand menus by tapping on grid icon. Scroll down and tap on Add an account menu:

2. In the next window, choose Manual Entry option and fill in the information, the Email email address and the password for this email address Then simply tap OK to start synchronization:

3. If everything is configured properly, the synchronization will start automatically.

4. Tap on Sync all to finish the configuration of your CalDAV account:

CardDAV configuration

Here we use the application called CardDAV Sync which allows to set up contacts synchronization easily as well.

1. Launch the application and tap CardDAV option:

2. In the next window you will need to indicate the server information: Server Name or Use SSL: should be checked Username: full Private Email email address Password: the password for this email address Once all the settings are configured, click on Next button:

3. Choose Contacts option to synchronize all your Private Email contacts. Once done, simply tap Finish to complete the configuration of your CardDAV account: That's it!

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