How to change Administrator email address?

  1. Open a browser, preferably Chrome.

  2. Login to your Console with your current registered email address and password ("TAB-1").

  3. Once you are logged in, on the left panel, click Edit Details under the ACCOUNT section.

  4. Update the new registered email address, then click Save Changes.

  5. A red box saying "Enter verification code you've received via email to fully activate your account:" will pop up. Please DO NOT close this tab ("TAB-1").

  6. Open another TAB in the browser and login to the new administrator email address mailbox ("TAB-2").

  7. Please check your inbox and open the verification email with subject "Your account needs activation"

  8. Click "Confirm your account" in the email. The system will verify you on the spot if you have kept the Console page ("TAB-1") open.

  9. Your account has now been verified, and you may continue to access the Console with the existing password.

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