Department admin and department members

Department admin is a special role assigned by the system admin to some members of a department. Department admins can perform the following operations in a department after login to their own account:

1. Access to the libraries of the department

2. Manage(add or delete) members in their department

3. Manage(create/delete/rename) libraries in their department

4. Share a library to users or groups outside of this department. This is very useful for cross-department collaboration.

5. Set fine-grained permission to folders in the libraries for users or sub-departments in this department.

A normal member of the department can use the department just like a group. Each department is presented to its members as a group. A user can not only access to the libraries in the department he/she belongs to, but also the libraries in the parent departments of his/her department. The groups for departments are marked with a "building" icon next to its name. The only difference from groups is that, libraries owned by a user cannot be shared to a department group.

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