How to backup files from seadrive

1. You can download SeaDrive from this link.
2. To access the virtual drive, just open Windows file explorer. There is a "seadrive" node in the navigation pane of Windows file explorer.

3. Files in the virtual are created as "placeholders" in the local file system. They may be in 3 states:

a) Placeholder file: An empty representation of the file and can only be opened when there is network connection.
b) Full file: The file has been downloaded and saved locally. Download is automatic when a placeholder file is opened for the first time. These files are available whenever you open SeaDrive regardless to network connections. The operating system may decide to clear a full file when more disk space is needed.
c) Pinned full file: The file has been downloaded and saved locally. It is guaranteed to be available offline.
4. Whenever you open a placeholder file, the operating system will automatically start to download it. If the file may take some time to download, there will be a progress bar shown up in file explorer and you may cancel the download.
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