How to setup email account in Android for Office mail and WebSpace?

1. Open Settings of your Android device and tap on Accounts menu.

2. Tap Add account.

3. Choose IMAP or POP3 account.

4.Enter your email address, make sure to type in full email address, then tap Next.

5. Input your email account password then tap Next.

6. Input the account information and incoming server configuration, then tap Next:

Username: full email address

Password: email password


IMAP Port: 143 without SSL or 993 with SSL

POP3 Port: 110 without SSL or 995 with SSL

Security Type: SSL/TLS (Accept All certificates)

If used SSL please ignore alert and click Yes to pass it.

7. Input outgoing server configuration, then tap Next to verify SMTP settings:

SMTP Server:

SMTP Port: 587 without SSL or 465 with SSL

Username: full email address

Password: email password

8. The last step finishes the account setup:

Once the settings are verified, your account is active and ready to use.

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