How to add DMARC Record

Steps to Add a DMARC Record in DNS

a. Access your DNS Management Console

Log in to your cPanel Account.

b. Locate the DNS Zone for your Domain

Locate the DNS zone configuration for the domain you want to add the DMARC record to. This is usually found in a section called "DNS settings" or "Zone editor."

c. Add a DMARC TXT Record

  1. In your DNS management console, look for the option to add or edit DNS records.

  2. Choose to add a new TXT record.

  3. Enter the name or host, which should be "_dmarc" (without quotes). This represents the subdomain where the DMARC record will be published.

d. Define DMARC Policy

To create your DMARC policy, specify the following components within the TXT record:

  • v: The DMARC version (e.g., "v=DMARC1").
  • p: The policy for handling email that fails DMARC checks. Common policies include "none," "quarantine," and "reject."
  • rua: An email address to receive aggregate DMARC reports.
  • ruf: An email address to receive forensic DMARC reports.

Here's an example DMARC record:    TXT     "v=DMARC1; p=quarantine;;;"

e. Publish the DMARC Record

Save the DNS record, and it will be published. Note that DNS changes might take some time to propagate across the internet, so be patient.

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