How to create an FTP user in cPanel

  • Login to your cPanel account (https://Your server IP address:2087).
  • After login, go to FTP accounts Option under Files tab.
  • Enter the desired username in the Log In text box.
  • Enter and confirm the new password in the appropriate text boxes.


    • The system evaluates the password that you enter on a scale of 100 points. 0 indicates a weak password, while 100 indicates a very secure password.
    • Some web hosts require a minimum password strength. A green password Strength meter indicates that the password is equal to or greater than the required password strength.
    • Click Password Generator to generate a strong password. For more information, read our Password & Security documentation.
  • Enter the FTP account’s home directory.


    • The Directory text box defines the new FTP account’s top level of directory access. For example, if you enter example in the Directory text box, the FTP account can access the /home/$user/example/ directory and all of its subdirectories.
    • The system automatically populates this text box with public_html/domain.tld/account, where account represents the username that you entered in the Login text box and domain.tld represents the domain you selected in the Domain menu.


    You cannot use symbolic links (symlinks) to upload data outside of this directory.

  • Enter the disk space quota, or select Unlimited.
  • If an FTP account experiences problems with uploads, you may need to increase the Quota value.
  • Click Create FTP Account. The new account will appear in the FTP Accounts table.

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