How to upload website files in Cpanel

Method 1 – Upload via cPanel

  • Login to your cPanel account
  • After login, go to File manager Option under Fiiles tab.

  • It will lead you to the File manager and go the path where you wish to upload the files.
  • After that click on the upload option
  • Then select the file and it will upload the same. ( Select Overwrite existing files if necessary )
  • After that go back.

Method 2 – Upload files via FTP

First, need to log in as an FTP user. If you don’t have an FTP user create the same by referring here.


 You must install the FTP client on your computer before you download and run the script file.

  • For instructions, visit the FileZilla or Core FTP websites for Linux and Windows computers, or the Cyberduck website for Mac computers. We do recommend Filezilla for this.
  • If you encounter problems when you try to automatically configure your FTP client, ensure that your client is properly installed on your computer. If problems persist, consult your FTP client’s documentation.

To configure an FTP client, perform the following steps:


  • Click on File >> Site Manager
  • Click on New Site option
  • Supply the following details
  • Host : ftp.domainname ( or ) IP
  • Port: 21
  • server type: FTPES – FTP over explicit TLS/ SSL
  • [ Note: If you are using the latest version of FileZilla,
  • Protocol: FTP-File Transfer Protocol
  • Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS.]
  • Login Type: Normal
  • User: your FTP user name
  • password: your FTP password
  • Click on connect.

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