How to extend Cloud Server diskspace via customer portal

Important Note:
*Extending diskspace required server to be reboot.
*Once diskspace extended, it cannot be revert/reduce.


Please find these steps to extend server dskspace:

1. Login to your Readyspace Customer Portal 

2. Click the Services drop down menu at the left bar of the screen

3. and select the appropriate subscription (Ex: Cloud Server SG, Cloud Server US, Cloud Server MY, Cloud Server HK )

4. Click on the Server that you want to extend diskspace under Product/services.

5. Click on Storage and Backup.

6. Click on Expand button.

7. Adjust the slider to the amount of diskspace you want to extend.

8. Click on Save Changes

9. You will be prompt to reboot the server, click on OK to continue for the reboot.
10. Once the server rebooted, it's diskspace will be extended/increased.

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