How to change Client area Password?

Follow the below steps to change the client area password.

Step 1-  Login to your client area using the current password. (check your country login link here )

Step 2-  Once you log in to your client area click on "Edit Details ". Refer to the below image.

Step 3-  Enter your current password.

Step 4- Enter your new password.  Please create the new password by following the below minimum password requirement.

(1) Lower-case letters (a-z)
(2) Upper-case letters (A-Z)
(3) Digits (0-9)
(4) Special chars (!#$%^*_-+=?|:)
(5) Minimum Length - 8
(6) Minimum special character count - 2

Step 5-  Confirm the password and Save Changes.

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